Silicium 0,5%

Silicon in the form of silanol in 0.5% concentration for transdermal application.

It enhances the elasticity and improves the firmness of the skin while providing antioxidant, moisturizing and lipolytic action. The package contains 10 sterile vials of 7ml.

For professionals only

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Category: Mesotherapy
Concern: Antioxidant, Hydration, Lifting
Skin Type: Combination, Dry, Normal, Oily


Silicon (in the form of silanol) is a component of the skin and constitutes a portion of important macromolecules, such as elastin and collagen. Silicon interacts with the structural proteins and ensures skin architecture and integrity. It increases and controls fibroblast proliferation by affecting the mitosis phase of the cell cycle. In this way, the regeneration of collagen fibres is enhanced, which increases elasticity and improves skin firmness. It has anti-oxidative and hydrating action and concurrently causes nitric oxide secretion from the connective tissue cells, which stimulates lipolysis. Silanol, also functions as a carrier for the penetration of active ingredients, a feature that offers an advantage to mesotherapy protocols.



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