• 1992 Chemists Ioulia Armagou and Michalis Papaefstratiou establish Juliette Armand and focus their work on the research of highly effective formulas.
  • 1993 The Notabilia cream is created and runs a very successful course. Its advanced formula (Extra Moisturizing Cream) can effectively compete with later-developed creams.
  • 1996 A pioneer in the use of hyaluronic acid, Juliette Armand creates a wide range of serums in defense of their high effectiveness. In serum form, active ingredients are present in maximum content; 21st century cosmetology has just begun.
  • 2001 The company is established in Athens, at state-of-the-art, privately-owned, integrated premises, constantly investing in sophisticated equipment, new procedures, research, new products and well-trained scientific personnel. Production process complies with the European Union’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics.
2003 In a period when everything is impersonal and industrialized, the founders of Juliette Armand decided to establish a personalized company. Based on their personal and professional values, they have created their own concept – The personal professional concept. And it guides every step of their course.
2004 The innovative EFFECTOX technology by Juliette Armand stops cellular contraction, by minimizing expression lines (muscle ageing). This discovery by Juliette Armand laboratories marked the success of the SKIN BOOSTERS anti-surgery system, cosmetology’s alternative to botox, eyelid surgery, chemical peeling, mesotherapy and liposuction. With Skin Boosters, your appointment with plastic surgery is postponed!
2005 Elements: a complete professional line of high-end products, the elements of evolution for face and body beauty and health, a new, complete method of combined action and total treatment of all skin conditions. A big range of products available to cover the needs of the most demanding skin types.
2008 The new Sunfilm sunscreen line by Juliette Armand meets the very real needs for increased sun protection, in accordance to the 2006/647/EC decision by the European Union. The line contains ANTITOX, a powerful cocktail of new-generation antioxidants which prevents DNA damage from sun rays, repairs DNA, prevents irritations and erythema, protects from pollution and prevents ageing.
2010 The company implements the ISO 9001 quality control system for research and development, manufacturing, packaging and marketing of cosmetics, as certified by TÜV Austria certificate.
2011 The two founders remain shareholders and the company is 100% Greek. Since 2011 Stratis Papaefstratiou-Armagos (B.Sc. Chemical Engineer) and Bill Papaefstratiou-Armagos (B.Sc. Finance & Mathematics, M.Sc. Computing Science) have also joined Juliette Armand shareholder group, signifying the contribution of the second generation to the company.
2006 A-2 BLOCKERS is a chrysanthemum herbal extract that has brought about a revolution to body care products. It specifically blocks a2 receptors, ensuring a non-stop lipolysis process.
2015 After 23 years of research, development and production of professional-quality cosmetics, Juliette Armand announces the AMESON Skin Medical Series, bringing all the benefits of science to medical aesthetic products. The name of the AMESON range, inspired by the Greek word AMESOS (‘immediately’), underlines the commitment to medical aesthetic skin care with IMMEDIATE results.
2017 Juliette Armand celebrates 25 years of success. A special moment in the brand’s history and at the same time a new beginning. A moment to let go of things in the past and embrace new ones for the future.